St. Stephen's Lutheran
A Note To The SSLC Staff

It was quite helpful meeting with everyone this week to get your thoughts on St. Stephen's web needs going forward. We have enjoyed working with you over the years and value our relationship with your church. 

In the spirit of the season, we are pleased to present this prototype mobile website for your consideration. If you decide to use it, there will be no charge to SSLC to further develop it, nor will your current monthly fee be increased. Also, as with all of the work we do, ads will never appear on your site and no 'apps' have to be downloaded to use this mobile application.

We are happy to provide these additional services entirely free of charge.

— Ron Wells
Web & video services for faith organizations

P.S. This prototype mobile site has only been optimized for viewing on smartphones, particularly Apple iPhones. Further tweaking will be required for proper viewing on tablet devices and other brands of smartphones.

Also, this mockup is for viewing on mobile phones only. It is not intended for desktop viewing. Only smartphone visitors to your desktop site will be redirected to this site.

And finally, the design of your mobile site/app is entirely up to you. Everything in this design can be changed to suit you ... colors, pages, pictures, etc.


119 North Church Street, Lexington, SC, 29072